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Links of Particular Interest for Ladies:

     Folding and wearing the sash or rosette

More on Wearing the Sash

  Scottish Highlands 1100-1600 - the Leine, Brat, etc.

Scottish Weddings 1

Scottish Weddings 2

Scottish Weddings 3

Links of Particular Interest for Men:

Brother Guido’s Guide to Wrapping a Great Kilt

Making a Kilt

How to wear a Kilt    

Kilts & Tartan Made Easy by Dr Nicholas J Fiddes

Standard Kilt and Accessories - short piece on Women’s Wear

Social History of the Highlands

Kilts and Such

Albanach.org - Highland Dress (tartan/kilts, etc)

Distilleries in Scotland

Golfing in Scotland

Golfing in the UK

     Red Lion Pipe Band - Dutch band whose members wear the Thomson  Dress Blue!

Reiver Links

    The Border Reivers

    Border Reiver Webliography

    Border Reivers

    Border Reivers - Books and Maps

    Borders Family History Society


Other Scottish links:

Association of Scottish Games and Festivals

Gaelic and Gaelic Culture

Scotlands Family

Scots Family

Scots Heritage Society

Records of the Scottish Parliament

National Trust of Scotland - Culloden “Stones” project

Rampant Scotland

Scottish food links:

Scottish Recipes - electricscotland.com

Scottish Recipes - rampantscotland.com

Scottish Food Guide

Scottish Recipes - recipesource.com

Commercial/Genealogy links:

    Dharoo.net - A shopping resource

    Ooshirts - Design and print shirts (where we buy ours!)

 Lochgilphead Holiday Caravans  

Reconstructing History - Reproduction Clothing

Clans and Castles - touring holidays

Obituary Help

Thompson data in the GenealogyBuff.com Data Library (all locations)

Thompson data in the User-Contributed Obituary Forum

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Thompson data in the User-Contributed Data Forum part II
Thompson data in the Canadian User-Contributed Obituary Forum

Newspapers, periodicals, books and maps:

Scottish Banner Newspaper

Scottish Street Maps

UK Maps

    ‘Hunters’ Illustrated History of the Family, Friends and Contemporaries of Robert Burns’  

Ladies’ sash

How to wrap a kilt

History and wear of the arisaid

Genealogy information and links