Author Topic: same as it never was  (Read 29899 times)

Beverly Kohn(Thompson)

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same as it never was
« on: December 02, 2014, 03:24:57 PM »
I've been gone awhile and it seems some things never change, my niece has been curious about our clans and history and I told her to google it and we would discuss it if she had any questions and lo and behold she wanted to know who this MacTavish is that is on most of the websites she found. I explained the history of his always claiming Thompsons
as his clan because of our size compared to his [how manly of him] but then just told her he was like a flea that couldn't find his own dog to ride on ,anyway, I just thought he'd get over it by now, note my surprise !!


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Re: same as it never was
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 10:42:46 PM »
He continues the father's fairy tales because it's all they really have. Having researched their 'clan history' and verified that there have only been two chiefs --- the rest just falls into shreds, but they've spun the tale for so many years they can't very well admit the truth now because their clan would fall apart. It's OK, the truth is filtering through.