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Thompson scarves

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Anyone else notice the abundance of scarves made with the Camel tartan? I just seem to see them all over. And when I tell them I like their scarf, I can see it in there eyes they really had no idea that it was actually a clans tartan.

Hi Ian!
Yes they are all over the place. I believe Burberry designers use it. When Paul & I were on the Royal Mile ALL the shops had them hanging in their windows and entrances. We asked one of the owners what was up with all the camel Thompson tartans? He said it's very popular. I get a kick out of it too and if I'm in earshot of the person I'll tell em Nice Thompson Tartan! lol. And of course that leads to talking about the Thompson/Thomson's, Border reivers, Scotland, etc. My personal favorite is the blue dress tartan  :)


Sis Thompson's oldest:
Ian & Cheryll,
I favor the Thompson Grey myself even tho the dress blue is the registered tartan for the Clan...but then I am a Thompson and you can't tell me anything ::)...or so my husband says. He favors the camel tartan and wears his kilt with pride, fine Swedish/German that he is.
Hate to see him go, but love to watch him walk away!  ;D in kilts!
Yours aye,

Stirling Thompson:
I posted somewhere before about the difference between the Thompson camel and the Burberry check but I can't find it. As I recall the primary difference is that in the Thompson camel there are two wide black stripes vertically and horizontally while the Burberry check has three.

The thread counts are really quite different, but with stripes and can get confusing!

Our tartan has a wide center black  stripe with the red stripe going through it and 2 smaller black stripes on either side, and a red strip going through the grey area.

Burberry has 3 equal width stripes and their red stripe ONLY goes through the grey, not through the black stripe also.


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