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Some of my personal genealogy tidbits
« on: July 23, 2016, 02:12:35 PM »
Having been on Ancestry for several years now I have over 8,000 people in my tree and I've come across a few interesting tidbits along the way including...

I am related to the very first murderer in the Plymouth Colony. (John Billington)

I had two ancestors charged and one executed for witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. (Samuel and Ruth Wardwell)

I'm related to at least three English March Wardens. (Neville, Clifford and Percy)
      Sir John Neville (1328 - 1388) my 17th great-grandfather
      Sir Henry Percy (1301 - 1352) my 18th great-grandfather
      Sir Robert DeClifford (1274 - 1314) my 19th great-grandfather
Through the above wardens I can trace ancestry to the Baliol and Bruce families, and through the Neville's to John of Gaunt and the Plantagenet kings of England.
      Isabelle Bruce (1160 - 1230) is my 22nd great-grandmother.
      Eleanor Balliol (1206 - 1281) is my 21st great-grandmother.

I am directly related to sixteen Reiver surnames:
      Thomson, Brown, Scott, Gray, Dalrymple, Eliot (Elliot and Ellyott), Sproat, Taylor, Wilson, Hall, Hay, Ridley, French, Reade, Dodd, Charlton
      and Young.

Robert Munroe, The Black Baron of Aldie (1600 - 1633) is my 9th great-grandfather. Don't know if he was Chief of Clan Monroe or not.

George Gunn, 8th Chief of Clan Gunn (1405 - 1464) is my 15th great-grandfather, and through that line I am related to the Comyn family.
      Elizabeth DeComyn (1285 - 1340) is my 18th great-grandmother.

Sir Reginald DeCrawford, High Sheriff of Ayr (1190 -1250) is my 18th great-grandfather.

Joan Dacre (1184 - 1213) is my 22nd great-grandmother and through her I am related to Roger Iryshe, Bishop of Carlisle (1210 - 1243).

Other Scottish surnames in my tree include Harris, McIntyre, Nason and Wallace (this Wallace line according to their oral tradition was related to Sir William Wallace of Braveheart fame).

Food for thought, although with Ancestry there is no guarantee as to the accuracy of my research.
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