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I miss the Forum!


Stirling Thompson:
I really do miss the old Forum. People used to talk to each other here, share their research, activities, thoughts and ideas and whatever else... then facebook came along and we got a page there but unless you're an admin your posts get filtered or ignored and the rest of the clan never sees what you posted. I started several pages on Tartan Footprint which is more open but no one goes there either. How are we supposed to grow as a clan if we don't communicate with each other about the things we have done, are doing or would like to do. The sort of personal interaction among a select few that seems to be becoming the norm is not healthy for the growth of our clan family. If we stop talking to each other, and I mean the membership at large not just directors and conveners, we will not survive beyond our current generation and none of us are getting any younger.

Thomas B. Thompson:
I agree 100% ! So I'm gonna start talking. First, Barbara and I planning on being at the Stone
Mtns games.
However, I have an unexpected job interview next week and if by some chance I get hired we won't be able to make it. Darn, what a toss-up. Barbara will be gone the week of the Columbus games but I will make that one. I've been getting papers together ( birth certificates, marriage certificates, censes reports, etc, ) in order to connect my family lin together. Only have a few so far, but it's a start. I'll have to do some traveling for a lot of the information. If I get this job I'll be able afford a kilt real soon                                                   Best wishes everyone!

Tom & Barbara

Stirling Thompson:
Tom, Its good to hear from someone that feels the same as I do. Hope the job interview goes well sorry to hear you'll have to miss Stone Mountain but I think having gainful employment probably takes precedents over other things. I have the Maine games this coming weekend and Vermont the weekend after. September will be equally busy with New Hampshire and Ligonier games again on back to back weekends. Alan and Heidi will run the Ligonier games and Dottie and I will assist however we can. Its in Pennsylvania so maybe you can sneak over and say hi. My season will finish up in October in Scotland CT at my favorite games, small but cozy and the first games I ever did so I might be a little prejudiced.

Have you checked out Tartan Footprint? There is some good stuff on there too but lately its been as dormant as our forum. Catch you later!


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