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2017 Maine Highland Games


Stirling Thompson:
The Maine Highland Games were held on Saturday August 20, 2017 at the Topsham Fairgrounds in Topsham, ME.

My grandson, Ben Rowe, and I went to the fairgrounds in pouring rain on Friday afternoon to get our Clan package, locate where we were supposed to be and set up the tent. We met up with George Newell, the Clan Coordinator, got our assignment and set up the tent and unloaded most of the gear and put it under cover hoping this would save us some time on Saturday morning when the weather promised to be more cooperative.

The rain stopped during the overnight and Ben and I returned to the fairgrounds about 7:45 am and popped up the tent and completed the set-up well before the visitors began to arrive. Another of my grandsons arrived a bit later to help out and join in the Clan Parade for the opening ceremonies.

We had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day but it seemed to me the numbers were down and I know there were a number of clans that failed to answer at the Calling of the Clans. The weather continued to improve as the day progressed and by 3 pm it had become quite hot and humid. The boys had lots of fun and got see all they wanted to see while I was mostly stuck at the tent alone but it was still an enjoyable day.

Closing ceremonies were held at 4 pm and we got everything broke down and packed up and headed back to my daughter's home in Waldoboro by 5:30 pm. Ben and I stopped and had a wonderful supper at the Reunion Station Restaurant before finishing the trip home and calling it a day.

We had the Clan Campbell for neighbors.

I thought the display looked great but we didn't win Best Tent.

Jacob said he had to have his annual helmet photo, with Ben assisting.

Full gallery is here but only 10 pictures total.


Thomas B. Thompson:
Hi Stu,
Sounds as if the weather put a little damper on things.
Thanks for the pictures, they loo great.
I guess fall will be moving in shortly and then old man winter.
It will be interesting to see how that all goes with the crazy weather we have been
Take care,

Tom & Barbara


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