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42nd New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival


Stirling Thompson:
I have to admit I was a little worried about doing New Hampshire this year. Last year we held our AGM here and had lots of folks to help out at the tent but this year it was only Dottie and I for the whole three days. But we survived, we were tired at the end of each day but we had a great time. The very first thing I want to do is give kudos to hosts Alan and Karen Trudell at the Wilderness Inn B & B in North Woodstock, NH, we had a wonderful stay and plan to re-book there for next year. If you plan to be in the area we highly recommend them and you can find them on the web here:

Our hosts at The Wilderness Inn, Alan and Karen Trudell

We arrived at games on Thursday and checked in, got our tent space assignment, unloaded all our gear and set up the tent and secured everything as best we could for the overnight figuring we could get in early enough to finish set-up before visitors started arriving. There was a very brief shower Friday morning before we got there but everything stayed dry despite the fact that the top blew off the tent.

We re-secured the top and got the tent display set-up in no time. We had some great neighbors with Clan Sutherland on our left and Clan Campbell on our right.

Good location with great neighbors

Dottie finished painting the new Reiver board, our nephew Ken King made for us, just a few days before the games and it was a big hit with young and old alike. Hard to believe how many bearded men wanted to be Reiver ladies.

Lots of little Reivers showed up

There had been some concern on the part of the games committee about interactions between us and Clan MacTavish. I had gotten a call a few days earlier requesting our best behavior. When I checked in I noticed that Sherry Thompson had checked in for Clan MacTavish. I met Sherry several years ago and have never had an issue with her so on Friday I stopped by their tent to say hello. We had a really good chat and we both took pictures that we posted to facebook to prove we can coexist while agreeing to disagree. She also told me she was a new bride of only four days. She is keeping Thompson as her middle name so now she is Sherry Thompson Crane.

Sherry Thompson Crane - Clan MacTavish Regional Representative

The weather was remarkable for mid-September in the mountains with the leaves barely beginning to turn. It was hot and humid all three days but it had little effect on the size of the crowds. Friday was busy with a surprisingly steady flow of visitors coming through the Clan Village. Saturday, of course, was the really busy day with thousands visitors coming to see all the athletes, pipe bands, dancers, fiddlers, celebrities and professional entertainers like Albanach, Prydein, The Brigadoons, Charlie Zahm and more.

Perennial games favorite Charlie Zahm and The Brigadoons

Dottie and I got to wear different outfits each day with Reiver garb on Friday, dress blue tartan on Saturday for the parade and casual on Sunday with the hunting tartan.

What a cute couple!

Any way, we had a great time and look forward to next year. The full album is available here:

Lookin' good, you guys! 

Dot's reiver boards look great and I'll bet were a big hit with one and all. Wish we could have been there to help you guys....maybe another year. We're not giving up hope of getting to the far-flung games for at least a couple more years  ;)  We didn't get to see the Brigadoons or any other entertainment last trip, so maybe the next trip  :D

Thanks for posting all the photos - the tent and you two look very spiffy. I love your dress, if definitely a great color for you and Stu looks so 15th century!

Nice picture of you and Sherry Crane - I knew she was engaged but didn't know when the wedding was planned. 

Thanks for the information on The Wilderness Inn - I'll take a look when I get a chance. Nice heads-up for anyone planning on going to the games. You guys have done your usual outstanding work representing the clan.....are you going to come to Grandfather again in 2018? It was a good group.


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