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Lachlan Thomson 1868

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John ThomsonHollingsworth:
I can't get my cousin to submit DNA, he is the last male Thomson in our Thomson line.
My DNA still has not come close in the Hollingsworth testing, and the female side is iffy on the Thomson search.
Well some day.
I am back to 1820+- on both lines

Thomas Thompson:
   You didn't say why your cousin wouldn't do a DNA test.  My sister and I shared the DNA cost, perhaps if you could work out some sort of cost sharing he might be more willing to do the test. Just a thought.

John ThomsonHollingsworth:
Its not a money issue.
I even have trouble trying to get him to update family data for his part of the Thomson family.
He is in NJ , I'm in Florida but his sister in Texas has updated her part of family information.
I had only 2 first cousins on the Thomson side.

On the Hollingsworth side I had 5 first cousins of which 3 all passed away in their early fifties (I guess bad genes in their Mother's Family)

The 3 of us left, finally talked and visited in 2007 for the first time in over 40 years. (its a long story)
My 2 cousins are in their 80's and still live in NJ I'm the young one at 68



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