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Thomas Thompson:
  My sister and I have ordered the DNA kit.  I'll let you know all about the process and the results when we get them.
Should take about four to six weeks.

Graham Thompson:
Ya let us know. How much was it again.

Thomas Thompson:
      I belive the cost was $279.

 The Family Tree Thompson DNA project sent me the DNA kit in with little delay.  The kit consisted of 3 swabs (miniature scrapers), 3 specimen tubes containing a soapy solution and a bubble pact envelope.
    The procedure is to scrape forcefully inside the cheek for about 60 seconds. There is no pain; it’s more like a tooth brushing.  The scraper is then ejected into the tube.  After a minimum of 4 hours you repeat the procedure and again after another 4 hours. Then mail the kit.
   Your DNA is stored for 25 years – at no charge – whether to check on additional markers that are discovered, in order to more precisely determine the time frame to a common ancestor, or to make it available for any other tests that you, and only you, may want to request.
   Your privacy is protected by Family Tree controlling the DNA database Library and test scores, while the Arizona Research Labs located on campus at the University of Arizona controls and maintains your genetic assets on our behalf, safely storing it in a locked refrigerator. Therefore, there is a double safety net.
   The optional release form allows Family Tree to share my email address with another person who shares my personal family genetic marker.
   To be continued:

I too signed up for a DNA kit last week-it sounds like the same one Thomas ordered.  But mine was through and it was 50% off; so i did the 46 marker test. The total cost was right around $100.00, but before anyone gets upset over the good deal i got, remember that you had to be a member of and thats cost me something like $65.00 a quarter.

Last winter i also did  a DNA test through The Sorenson Database ( The test was free, and I had to supply my family tree 4 generations back. The kicker is they don't tell you what the findings are. But, after visiting their site and looking at the results from other Thom(p)son's I thought that after they posted my family tree/ genetic results  I could figure out what my results were. Well, after 9 months or so, they haven't posted my family history & genetic results, so that lead to my decision to go with the new test.

So I'm hoping that the new test will link me up with someone who caqn get me past my "Thompson" hurdle.  I can trace my Thompson line back to 1794 to my ggg grandfather, but not bast him.



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