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In reading the post of Jimmie an Paula Thompson, I noted they made reference to Kilbirnie Scotland as the home of their earliest ancestor.

When I received my DNA results, there were various people i found I was related to; (Tom and I are distant cousins),  but the person I found the closest relation to ( 36 out of 37 markers, and the marker we did not match (DSY449), we were only off by 1 ) was a JAMES THOMPSON, born 1709 in Ulster IRE. immigrated to Massachusetts in 1718 and died 13 FEB 1759 in Pelham, MASS.  He was married to MARTHA WASSEN (or WATSON) who was born in 1716 in Cloghgaldenagh, Dunaghy Parish (Antrim) IRE. 

My DNA testing says that this man is my most recent common ancestor.  However I don't know my exact relation to him; he could be an cousin or uncle, but he and I (and Tom) are related.

I got lucky after a lot more digging and found out the father of JAMES, a JOHN THOMPSON, born about 1672 in KILBIRNIE, Ayrshire, Scotland, and died about 1710 in Ulster, Antrim, IRE.  In Ulster in 1698, John married ESTER HALE, born 1678 in Ulster, Antrim, IRE.

One of the interesting things about Kilbirnie is that in 1740 there were only about 3 homes, and that was at least 42 years -after- John Thompson had moved to Ireland and got married.  So Jimmie & Paula's ancestor moved from Kilbirnie to the same area in Ireland as did a relative of mine and Toms.  So perhaps we are related, that our Thompson ancestors were of a large family centered around a very tiny hamlet in Scotland, and moved to the same area in Ireland, perhaps at different times, and again at different times, emigrated to the U.S. JAMES THOMPSON moved to MASS in 1719 in the first of the five Scots-Irish immigration waves, while my direct ancestor moved to the Pennsylvania after the wave was over in 1794.  It's my guess is that James was a cousin of mine, 3 or 4 times removed and 80 years older than my ancestor.  And not a close enough ancestor that the rest of the Thompson clan followed him to the same place.

But he and I shared a common ancestor, and that why it's very important that we all post our family history as best we can, and if possible, get your DNA tested and post that too. (see my posting or my DNA results).  I believe that someday we'll be able to tie the strings together that will show how some of us here are truly related.


GREAT post, Booner!

Sure wish we could find the elusive link..........the time frames for you and Tom are good too! Francis was born between 1799 and 1804.

Maybe someday............

Cathy McTavish:
I have my brothers DNA on where is your DNA posted and i wonder if I can manually enter his in there.  It would be interesting if we could find out if there were any of this mysterious McTavish connection.  Now I know this is clan thompson, but I would really love to find out that there was no connection between the Dunardry bunch and my DNA............then I know I would be free of them!!!


We might not be related, but you'll always be my sister.

Looking forward to meeting you in Glasgow  (if i still have a job)


And Jimmie & Paula-- you need to post on this topic!



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