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  We have traced my ancestry back to at least John Thompson in Antrim, Ireland and maybe further. Our information states that John's Father was Alexander Thompson and his father was also Alexander Thompson both from Kilbirnie. However our information also states that Alexander was given land in Antrim, Ireland for fighting in the Tyrone Rebellion. The only problem is the Tryone Rebellion was fought at an earlier date than either Alexander was born. I am beginning to believe that since the Tyrone Reb. was also called the nine years war and at a later date another nine years wars was fought that whoever was doing the geneological research got the two wars confused and one of the Alexanders was given land for fighting in the latter nine years war. Don and I both are stuck at that point. Don is decended from Jame's Son, William and I am decended from Jame's Son ,Alexander. I betcha that  Tom is also decended from Alexander.   
 Having stated that Mary, I think Tom is probably from the "Southern Thompsons" (this is what Don refers to us as) just as I am. If that is the case then I have gobs of information on the Southern Thompsons that you and Tom will really enjoy. We also have a membership to Ancestry. com and my wife can let you use our password and you and Tom can check it out. Give us as many of Tom's grandfathers as you can and we can trace it back real quick. The Southern Thompsons have a rich history. If this seems confusing now I can clarify everything as soon as we discern Tom's geneology.   Jimmie

Thomas Thompson:
   How I envy you.  All of you seem to be able to trace your family back for ever so long. My efforts have been very slow in bearing fruit. It seems my Thompson roots have a fatal heart condition - has led to two breaks in the links due to being orphans at an early age.
    MY gggrandfather was born somewhere in Ireland in about 1805 came to America somehow prior to age 15.  The first official record I have of him is his naturalization papers in 1838. Married in 1842, bought several properties and operated a canal boat in Mifflin Co Pa. Had three children and died in 1852.
Buried in St. Marks Cemetery, Lewistown Pa. His eldest son James Alexander traveled with entire family to In/IL married  had three children and died at age 50.
  Not much to go on is there?

 How then can you and Booner be related unless it started sometime before John Thompson and Ester Hale. Booner states that you and he are related  and he states that his dna connected him to John Thompson and Esther Hale Thompson. They were the parents of James (Jimmie) Thompson who was an orphan at age 10 and came to America in the 1730's. They settled just west of Plila. Pa. I have more precise  records of which I can refer if needed. They had several offspring, one of whom was Alexander who married Elizabeth Hodge in Pa. and they moved to Burke County, North Carolina. They had several children and Alex and his older son, James, fought in the battle of Kings Mountain in Burke County in the revolutionary war. For this they were given some land in Ga. and they all moved there. They then moved to the South Fork of Broad River now in Hall County Ga. There they ran a 1900 hundred acre plantation and had a grist mill and saw mill. The Thompsons held this plantation for three generations. Thompson's Mill Ga. still exist and is a thriving area. It looks to be about 30 to 45 minutes East of Atlanta. I have never been there but will vist someday. Supposedly the original home built by Alex is still there and some ruins of the old mills. One of Alexanders sons was Robert my 4g grandfather. then Alexander again then Belford then Henry Alford then Romie then my dad Henry Neal then me.  I have all of there wives' names also. Give me you Dads, grandfather etc as far as you can and let us run it through Ancestors.Com and see what we come up with. You may be surprised. That name William Alexander is just to close not to think you are not in our line somehow.  Jimmie


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