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Thomas Thompson:

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Under the Thom(p)son Genealogy - Post your DNA

Pamela K. Thompson:
Hey Cousin Brother! We've been absent a while on the forum but I'm back, I'm Jim's wife, known as Karma, and I'm the one who has done the research for the Family tree. If you are related to John and Ester then we are related. John was killed being thrown from a horse, Ester Hale Thompson died a few days later they left a son James (called Jimmie, so cool as that is Jim's actual given name, spelling and all) an orphan. He was put in bondage and at 13 ran away back to Scotland. There he went to work for a man named Alexander, was sent to school and raised in his home and eventually married their daughter Ruth. They came to America, as did Ruth's parents in the mid 1700's and settled west of philadelphia, jimmie and ruth died there..........need more?


  The John Thompson you mention who married Ester Hale is also my ancestor, 7g. However, my information states that James moved from Kilbirnie with his wife Ruth Alexander and her parents in the 1730's to Pennsylvania (just west of Phila.). Another clan member, Don Thompson, contacted me and he is also a decendant of James Thompson. He is a decendant of one of Jame's sons, William, whereas I am a decendant of Alexander, another of Jame's Son. I have a lot more information if you would like to indulge. Also, Don Thompson, has a lot of ancestral information. I have his e-mail address if you would want it. I suspect you are in his lineage. If John Thompson and Ester Hale are your ancestors then we are distant relatives. E-mail me at

Pamela K. Thompson:
Booner,  I've been called lots of names, some nice, ;D some not but I've not been called Paula! I'm Pamela, or better, to family and friends, Karma.

Jimmie -

You need to get your DNA done! I'd love to see how many markers Booner, Tom and Don would have to your DNA markers! The more of these we can get done and compare, the more we can say we ARE FAMILY!



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