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Graham Thompson:
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Thomas Thompson:

--- Quote ---Thompson Family DNA Project

Are any of the people who made the below listed on the Thompson DNA website  members of this forum
T-27 James Thompson, b. 1796 NC                     
T-113 James McComish, b. c1780 Ireland       
T-79 John Thompson, b. c1826 Ireland               
T-43 S Thompson                                                                                                   
T-75 EE                                                                       
T-99 John C. Thompson, b. 1852 Ireland                                                                     
T-98 William McCamish, b. 1750 Ireland
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately, none of ours. Thanks for posting - as we grow, someone may match!

Good luck!

Thomas Thompson:
Thompson DNA project report
    As most of you know I submitted my DNA for analysis to the Thompson DNA project in the latter part of July. It took about a month for the first lab report and subsequent family links to possible relationships.  The initial report was the first panel of 12 alleles.  A perfect12 out of 12 matches with someone having the same surname means you share a common male ancestor. Further testing is required to determine just how many generations ago you shared that ancestor. Of course it is quite possible that each of you will be able to find a paper link (birth, siblings, etc.)
   In my case, I had 5 perfect matches and one with a genetic distance of 1.  About two weeks later I received the second panel report. 3 of the first 5 perfect matches now were showing a 24/25 match.  Not an unusual situation since some of the alleles are faster mutating than others. The third and final lab report of my 67 alleles had two family groups with 62/67 and 63/67 out of the first 5 perfect matches. A perfect 37/37 match means you are very tightly related and share an extremely close common ancestor. Usually with in 5 generations 50% of the time and 90% probability within 16 generations. A generation is considered to be 30 years. A 35 or 36/37 shows a tight relationship.
   In each case of the matches I was given the email address of my match and was able to contact my link to compare possible paper verifications. I take that back I found one match that refused to provide access to his email address.  His refusal to sign the release prevented Thompson DNA administrators of giving me his address.
   There is also a search engine that is called ysearch that has other possible links and additional information.
   My two closest matches have been very helpful in giving me not only their family genealogy but also that of several other family lines that might have links because they were only a distance of 2 or 3. I have very possible matches to T-108, T-124, T-36, T-39 James Steele Thompson, Jaret Thompson, and Thomas Thompson of Pelham Ma.
  We are working together to find a common ancestor and it looks as if that individual link was in Scotland in the 1700s.
  It is well worth the cost and the more of us who become involved the greater the pool of potential ancestor linkage.

Tom, this is so exciting!!!  Wish I could have a DNA test done but know that would go through the female line and I'm Thomas on my Dad's side.  Also Thoma(s)son on Dad's side.  Since my mother and father divorced when I was 3 I never knew my Dad's side of the family and don't know my male cousins well enough to ask them to be tested.  Hummm, I might try though, all they could do is turn me down.  Have to come up with the money first.   :-\


Thomas B. Thompson:
E. Thompson and everyone else,
I have some info relating to E. Thompson's DNA info.

The James Thompson ( T-27 ) is my 5th great-grandfather!!!!
Here is how:  James Thompson married Nancy Pack.
                       Child: John Havery Thompson  Born about 1796 Died 1860

                  John Harvey Thompson married Nancy Patrick 16 Dec. 1816.
                       Child:James Calvin Thompson  Born May 5, 1836 Died Aug.
                              27, 1911

                  James Calvin Thompson married Nancy Wilder Nov.24, 1853
                  I have a picture of James Calvin.
                       Child: Johnny Thompson Born Feb. 20 1854 Died Jan. 19,

                 Johnny Thompson married Serena Miracle
                       Children: William Mckinley Thompson----My Grandfather
                                    Laura Thompson, Easter Thompson, George
                                    Thompson, Dora Thompson, Martin Thompson,
                                    Mary Thompson, Chesley Thompson, Rutha
                                    Jane Thompson, James Arthur Thompson.

                 William McKinley Thompson married Irene Hill about 1920.
                        Children: Alma Louise Thompson
                                     Jackline Thompson
                                     William McKinley Thompson Jr. ----My Dad.

                 William McKinley Thompson Jr. married Margaret Ellen Todd
                 in 1946.
                         Children: Thomas Brady Thompson Sr.
                                      Bonnie Lee Thompson
                                      William McKinley Thompson III
                                      Rusty Thompson
                                      David Warrem Thompson
                                      Timothy Wade Thompson
Between my sister, bothers and myself with our kids, grand kids and
great-grand kids there are about 90 of us.
That's  the info I have on James Thompson   T-27



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