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Thomas Thompson:
        Lord Lyon has consistently requested Thomson family history verified by being  related and  by migration from the Border areas to other Lowland areas.
    We have tried to do this by researching  family trees from available records, but have been stymied by a large lack of family histories. In other words we have failed. :(
   So we have to find another method!!!   :)
    If we can show Lord Lyon a significant number of Thom(p)son's with verifiable DNA links showing a blood relationship, then we can prove we are a closely related family and are thus entitled to a true clan status. We still plan to petition for Corporate Arms, but having a DNA line would make our case very much stronger.
    Over the weekend I talked to Bruce Thompson and he would like to see more family histories that show a Scottish/Irish/American migration. This would enable our members to expand their search areas. For example XX born in Scotland in 1730 moved to America and settled in NC in 1765 Married  to XX and had XX children.
     We could assign a number (98765) to this family and anyone requesting additional information could then contact the individual posting  (98765) information.
     You can save some money now at Family Tree Thompson Project for a 37 marker test for only $139.00. SAVINGS OF $30.00 NOW  Go to: and order your Thom(p)son DNA kit. This is important to all of us AND our descendants.

John ThomsonHollingsworth:
When I had checked doing Thomson DNA project , I was advised that true family DNA only passes from male to male, There is some possible DNA through the female line but not as positive.
As I am a Thomson because my mother is/was a Thomson, they recomended not doing the test.
I could not get the only living male Thomson (my cousin) to participate in DNA testing.
My DNA is listed in the Hollingsworth family DNA project.

Reading the information on the mitochondrial testing, you're only promises ethnicity and geographic area. Not enough to help us, other than to be able to say your mother's Thomsons originated in "place X."  Probably not worth the $99.

Go find your cousin, hold him down and swab his mouth  >:(  You'd think this was some kind of major operation the way some people avoid it! I'd help hold him :)

Hey John,
I'm in the same position with the DNA testing...our only Thompsons, still living, are all female.    But, Bless you for trying!    :-*


Stirling Thompson:
Similar problem here, I get the name from my grandmother who had my father out of wedlock so he had her name and passed it on to my brother and me. When asked, my father always insisted that his father was Augustus Thompson (his grandfather) so I'm not sure if I want to even go there.


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