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Hello, my name is Barb Dusevoir.  My grandfather was Maurice (Morris) Thompson.  He deserted the navy and changed his name to Richard Hill.  My mother told me about this 17 years ago.  So, I've been searching for my Thompson family for 17 years with just a little bit of information.  Thanks to the internet, they found me about 6 years ago.  It was very exciting for all of us.  Thanks to Cathy McTavish, I was connected with another cousin and many more Thompsons.  This is going to be an exciting year.

Thomas Thompson:
Welcome Barb

   Thank you for giving some credit to our warrior princes. She has been instrumental in helping many of us find those elusive links to our ancestors.
I hope to read more of your search for you family in future posts.

Hello and welcome, Barb!

Wow - what a story. Thank goodness your mom did tell you the Hill wasn't your father's real name! Which makes me wonder why he chose the name he did - do  you know???

Our Cathy is a wonder, isn't she? She wears two hats --- she's our Warrior Princess (she is great at the Calling of the Clans and a staunch defender of us Thom(p)sons) and our Genealogy Princess. With a job on top to take care of, she is amazing.

I'm glad you've joined the we'll have to get you to join the Society!  :)

Keep posting and we love to get into discussions of important or inane subjects................ :o  Oh, and jokes and poetry, huh Stu?


My mom was very secretive.  When she told me about her father, I told her that she was really a Thompson and not a Hill.  She said "no, I'm a Hill".  I said "mom, what am I going to find if I research Hill"?  She said "oh".  I said "so, you are really a Thompson".  She said "no, I'm a Hill".  I said "OK, you are legally a Hill, illegally".  She said "oh".  She passed away 10 years ago.  I often ask her to help me with my searches and I think she is. 

I'm not sure why my grandfather changed his name to Richard Roy Hill.  My only guess is he had a nephew named Richard.  Roy, I have no idea.  I've noticed the name Hill during my searches for Thompson's in the area when he lived.  I wonder if it's a name of a family friend or cousin.

I joined the society yesterday.  Just waiting to hear back from them.    ;)

Barb   :)

Stirling Thompson:
Hi Barb! And welcome to the madhouse! I can understand your Mom's reaction when you live with a name for so many years. My name is Thompson because my father was born out of wedlock and was given his mother's family name. This past spring I found out my Dad's father was a Davis but since Dad and I have been Thompsons all our lives I'll stay a Thompson and not become a Davis. Anyway, best of luck with your research and feel free to chime in on any and all subjects as often as you can. Once again, welcome to the family cousin!


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