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mtDNA.......what one should I choose?

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Good Morning,

I've been checking into mtDNA for women.  There are several kinds to choose from. 

mtDNAplus is the basic for $159.
mtFullSequence for $299.  These two are for GENEALOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY.

Family Finder for $289 and it's for CLOSE GENEALOGY.

Then, you can have all of the above for $438 to $559. 

X-STR Markers Panel 1 and 2  for SIBLINGSHIP.  $161

I would love to hear from anyone who has had their DNA tested.  Any tips?

Thanks, Barb 

Thomas Thompson:
Hi Barb
  First, I have to confess that I have no expertise on mtDNA. I used the Family Tree DNA Thompson project and was very pleased with all aspects of their program. My sister and I jointly bought the 67 marker test, and had the results within 2 weeks. I also authorized the release of my contact information to close matches. This is necessary if you want to pursue possible family links. In fact I found 4 possible links. The down side was that we were unable to identify a common ancestor. One of the links used the Ancestry(sp) system. It requires that close matches have to use care in that the alleles are not in the same sequence as used by the Family Tree Lab.
   Whichever program you decide upon I suggest you get at least 37 markers. Then if you find an exact match 37/37 you can upgrade to 67/67 for 90% probability that the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) was no longer than 5 generations ago. The mutation rates for the first 37 makers is known and the next 30 are under study. When complete we will be able to narrow the probability even closer.
  I know most of this is of no help in answering you question of which is best.

Thanks Tom.  It's nice to know what other people have experienced.  I think I am only able to do the mtDNA.  I've been looking it up on the internet and trying to figure out which one to choose and what it will tell me. 

Thanks again,


Did you ever do your DNA?

Is there a male relative that can do give the DNA sample.  This would be more relevent in your search for your ancestors.

All the best

Cathy McTavish:
Frankly this DNA stuff confuses me.  I had my brother do it, and I can make no sense of it.  Is there somewhere that you can learn about it in a "grade school" sort of fashion?



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