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Russell County, Virginia Thompsons?

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I'm wondering if there is anyone who is related to the Thompson's of Russell County. There were 3 brothers, John, Richard, and William. Anyway, what say you, are you related to any Russell County Thompson's? Here is an article talking about these three brothers

William J. Thompson:
Hi there! We may not be directly related, but we were practically neighbors! My line goes back to the Clear Fork valley of Tazewell County, which was just a couple hollers over from y'uns.  ;) My ggg-grandfather was John Thompson. (1836-1870) He was married to Martha E. (b 1838)...I can't trace any further back than that. It might be possible they migrated from your neck of the woods in the 1700s...but then again, John Thompson isn't exactly an uncommon name.

I'm not sure if I'm related to them or not, as I can't get past my ggg grandfather either...William J. born sometime in early 1800s-he was married in 1840, probably to his second wife. I read that many Thompson's can trace their lineage back to John, Richard, or William. But so far, I haven't been able to do that.

William J. Thompson:
Oh, I getcha. I thought you'd made a breakthrough and got able to trace back to the Russell County Thompsons! Here I was all prepared to get excited for ya.  ::) Sorry you're still at your Wm.J. wall.

Frustrating to be able to go "just so far and no farther." You're stuck at a William and I'm stuck at a John, both out in the western wilds, both at the "census wall." Just keep pluggin' away...we're all Jock Tamsen's bairns eventually!  ;D

I've just started tracking my Thompson family history in the past week and have traces my ancestors back to Harrison County, Virginia (Actually to England). J William Thompson is supposedly my 6th Great Grandfather. Unfortunately I have a glitch in my family tree that I can't quite figure out. My ancestors moved to Clark County Illinois. I see where Russell County Virginia is only 30 some miles from Harrison County. Any chance you have information on Thompsons that moved to Illinois?

Mack Thompson
Originally from Marshall, Illinois


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