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Ancestry is offering their DNA test kit for $79.00 until April 27th.
This is a great deal and I've already gotten several matches to
the test I did in January.

Sis Thompson's oldest:
Just got my test in the mail!

Let the testing begin! ;D

Had my DNA tested a couple of years ago when it was offered for free by  It has matched me up with 1st cousin once removed, several 2nd. cousins and 3rd and 4th cousins on both sides of my family.  Two Cash 2nd cousins have made the trip to meet me and we've been to the cemetery where our great grandparents are buried and their grandfather who was my grandfather's brother.  I never knew these cousins existed.  It's been amazing and exciting that I've been matched with cousins from both sides of my family.  By the way I'm 35% Viking, 28% British Isles, 19% Iberian Peninsula, 13% Western Europe, trace elements in Northwest Russia, Italy, Greece and Caucasus.  I like to think the Viking part was from Scotland after the Vikings settled there.  :D


Sis Thompson's oldest:
Got my DNA test results! ;D

Europe  95%
   Great Britain 77% .
    Europe West 7% .
    Ireland 7% .
West Asia  
   Caucasus 5%
Trace Regions
   Iberian Peninsula 2% .
   Europe East 1% .
   Italy/Greece < 1%

Pretty much what I expected but so nice to have some confirmation!

Thomas Thompson:
I thought all women were from Mars.
Good to know you are one of us.Tom


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