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Sis Thompson's oldest:
Did I forget to add Mars under trace regions?!?!
Silly me. ;)

Resistance is futile.........

My Father & I are going to have this done next month. Can't wait!

Oh yeah....and Paul is too! :)


MICHAEL the Canadian:
BARBARA, I was just reading your comments on the VIKING heritage DNA, I do not know if you know, which I would be surprised if you did not know but the vikings had a large influence in parts of Scotland when they started their search for better lands to own under the vikings rule, and the early Scotland was part of their early exploration.  I am sure Stu could add some info on this subject, that is of course he has not already written of this in the past before i joined the group. So grab your horned helmet and axe and be ready for conquests.  JUST A BIT OF HUMOR.   


     Did you ever get the results of the DNA test you and your father were doing??


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