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Hello from Concord NC

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Greetings all. How goes it? Name is Ian. I am a recent member of this fine group. Hope all have a great weekend.

Stirling Thompson:
Welcome Ian! Hope you become an active participant on this forum and make lots of new friends among your clan cousins. I spent some time in NC while in the Marines at Camp Lejuene and Cherry Point. Is Concord anywhere near there?

No, it is near Charlotte.

Welcome Ian,
Don't be shy now...tell us all about yourself

Donna    ;D

Well let's see. I am a Chef with 9-10 years coking experience. I have always felt a connection to the Scottish/Irish culture, its music and language. I used to think it was just a spiritual one until my family started to trace it roots and found there was actually a strong blood connection. Through the research we found a Thompson in my blood line a way back. I'm not sure what else to say lol.


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