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Thomas B. Thompson:
Not much talk on the form so I thought I'd say hi everyone.
I am recovering from a knee replacement and that's doing great and
getting reading to have the other one done by the end of the year.
maybe  my brain next  :D. it's been a crazy year so far with the weather: too hot or too wet.
I just sent a letter to the brother and nephew of a lady I had met last year and was planning to visit her this summer, but she past away this spring. She was a living history on Thompsons from Kentucky. I am hoping that her brother and nephew will be willing to talk to me so I can fill in some more of my family history.
Not the most exciting stuff posted  ------but posted

Best to all

tom & barbara

Hi Tom!
Glad you're doing great after the knee replacement. My mom had that done and I know it takes a while to recover. Good luck with your continued search for your family history. I had a 2nd cousin find me on and we've been corresponding back & forth about another side of my family....Kellner...from Ireland. He has so much info it's mind boggling. He's a genealogist so he's done extensive research. He also remembers things about my grandmother that I didn't know so it's really interesting. Now if I could get so lucky for the Thompson side! Think that's asking a wee too much.

Anyway, nice to hear from you. Tell Barbara hello!

Cheryll & Paul

Thomas B. Thompson:
   Glad you are making some headway on your family history too. It's really cool to learn something new no matter what it is. So far I've made contact with three 4th cousins and a few others that I'm not sure of where they into the family line. Trying to fill in those gaps.
   It was really to hear from you. Wish more members would take a few minutes and say something now and then.
   Say hi to Paul for us.

Best wishes,

Tom & Barbara


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