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Hello......again, from WA state.


Hello...again.  I thought I was a member about 7 years ago, but after finding my old posts, it's been about 12 years. 

My Thompsons lived in Paducah, Kentucky after living in Indiana and Illinois. 

Hi Jo -

You got my welcome email I believe ....but I'll tell you again.....welcome back! I remembered your last name when I saw the membership come in. Sherry had to dig around to find it, but there you were ;)  So glad you remembered us.

Don't be disappointed if you don't get many replies = the forum has gone dead since you were on during your earlier years. Once we got our matriculation and some of the hub-bub (not all of it, ever!) died down with the "other" clan, most of our new comes from the newsletters which Sherry does an excellent job on. Speaking of newsletters....she always needs items of interest - especially when we aren't doing games. So if you have any good Scottish tales, recipes, songs, etc., share 'em, please!

Well, you know where to find me!


Welcome Jo!
Man those Thompsons really get around!

Thank you.


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