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NEW MEMBERS! Introduce yourselves here! / Hello from Dallas
« Last post by MThompson on December 31, 2017, 09:16:21 AM »
Hello everyone. I'm a new member of the clan from down south. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new years
DNA Tests/Markers / Re: Thompson Family Tree data:
« Last post by Michael Thompson on November 22, 2017, 11:30:58 AM »
OK, maybe some of you can help me interpret my results and decide what to do with them. Here's how my file begins:

# This data file generated by DNA Diagnostic Center™'s Dream Array at: Mon Nov 06 10:19:56 2017         
# Below is a text version of your data.  Fields are TAB-separated         
# Each line corresponds to a single SNP.  For each SNP, we provide its identifier         
# (an rsid or an internal id), its location on the reference human genome, and the         
# genotype call tied to the plus strand on the human reference sequence.         
# We are using reference human assembly build 37 (also known as Annotation Release 104).         
#rsid   chromosome   position   genotype
rs1000440   9   101258881   TT
rs10007601   4   164934874   AG
rs10056215   5   163542505   TG
rs10075407   5   2993645   AG
rs10150378   14   44000834   TT
rs10196277   2   149188375   TG
rs1021996   12   51789617   CC

After this, there are literally almost 800,000 similar lines of code. How do I compare this to the other data people are posting?
Thom(p)son DNA Project / Where and how do I submit my DNA results?
« Last post by Michael Thompson on November 22, 2017, 10:59:19 AM »
I've been looking all over these threads and I'm not completely understanding what I see. Looks like a lot of people used Family Tree DNA. I got my results from a different company, and I didn't see a place to post the results in FTDNA. It looks like they just compare results within their own database, with people who've purchased the test from them. Please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Didn't there used to be a big Thompson database where everybody posted their results? I read a lot of old threads that indicated things were changing in that arena, so I don't know whether that still exists or where to find it.

I purchased a GPS Origins™ Ancestry Test from HomeDNA. I have my results as a raw text file that I presume I could upload somewhere, if I only knew where and how. I would like to contribute to the Thompson database if I could. Thanks.
DNA Tests/Markers / Re: Thompson Family Tree data:
« Last post by Mary on November 16, 2017, 10:00:26 AM »
Hi Michael -

I'm not sure what you mean by a big text file.....Actually, there are several Thompson projects..........some are discontinued but still have data available. When you have your Family Tree DNA and kit #, you can go to
Set up an account so you can make it easier to see those who might have some matches with you....or, you can just SEARCH BY LAST NAME,  THOMPSON, go through the spam validation, then click the number you see under "Pedigree."     Additionally, you can search for a possible match by doing the SEARCH BY HAPLOGROUP and selecting your haplogroup. If you see entries under Pedigree, you will be able to open an ancestry tree.  You can click on the users under User ID and see their entire Haplogroup.  If you register with ysearch, they will notify you of possible matches that come in :)

Thompson projects:  The Family Tree DNA project is here
Click on the entries under Y-DNA for various views. 

You might want to scroll through some of the sites here just for fun too......

You can probably find others by doing an internet search.
DNA Tests/Markers / Re: Thompson Family Tree data:
« Last post by Michael Thompson on November 06, 2017, 09:06:18 PM »
OK, so I finally sprung for my DNA test. I thought there was a database where we could upload our results and compare with other Thom(p)sons, but I don't see the link here where I expected it. My results are a really big text file, much bigger than the ones posted here, so I'm not sure what to do.
Games & Festivals / 30th Annual Scotland Highland Festival
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on October 10, 2017, 11:23:10 AM »
My final games of the 2017 season was at the 30th Annual Scotland Highland Festival held at the Edward Waldo Homestead in Scotland CT on Sunday October 8, 2017. These games have always been one of my favorites because its close to home and was the first games I ever did and despite the weather it still is. On Friday, Dottie and I drove up to Farmington ME and picked up our grandson Sean and brought him back to Massachusetts to visit for a week and he came with us to the games to help with the setup.

Sean came to help out. The Edward Waldo Homestead is in the background.

The weather this year (and last) was not very cooperative starting off overcast and windy and just went downhill from there. Rain, heavy at times, lasted most of the morning and ended up soaking most of my display. The rain finally stopped shortly before noon and although it was still damp we managed to get through the opening ceremonies without more rain. The remainder of the day was rain free and surprisingly the turnout, though lighter than usual, was fairly steady throughout the day. Chapman Thompson and his crew showed up marched with us in the Parade of Clans.

Chapman Thompson and family helped make a good showing in the Parade of Clans.

I pretty much stayed at the tent all day so Dottie and Sean wandered the grounds and took some nice pictures of the competitions and demonstrations. Athletics are always popular as is the dancing and band competition. The highland cattle are always nice to see and this year's highlight was the 4 day old calf.

Athletic competitions are always popular.

Highland cattle, Stoay sheep and the sheepdog demoonstration are lots of fun.

There was sword fighting demos and the Historic Highlanders will tell you all about life in the good old days.

After competing the pipe bands would march through the Clan Village area.

Despite the weather there were only a couple of clans that failed to answer the roll and the Clan Village was well populated. We had Clan Donald and Clan Elliot for neighbors and Clan Donald serenaded us with their piper at various times of the day. On a sadder note I said goodbye to Stu Greenlaw of Clan Stewart. Stu has been the rep for as long as I've been doing the games but he has decided to retire to South Carolina and as of this moment no one has stepped forward to take up the mantle of Clan Stewart rep. Stu will be missed.

Some views of the village area.

I guess that about wraps up the 2017 games season for me here in New England. I'm looking forward to next year and hoping I can get back to the games I missed this year, Rhode Island, Glasgow Lands and Quechee, and maybe sneak in a new one so we can get back together with Alan and Heidi. Central NY looks promising but we'll have to wait and see. Any way the rest of the pics from Scotland CT are here:
Games & Festivals / Re: Ligonier Scottish Festival 2017
« Last post by Thomas B. Thompson on October 05, 2017, 01:26:27 PM »
Thanks for the update and pictures. So glad fall is finally arriving.
To anyone that reads this, I hope everyone is doing well.
Tom & Barbara
Games & Festivals / Ligonier Scottish Festival 2017
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on September 27, 2017, 09:38:56 AM »
For the very first time Clan Thom(p)son was represented at the Ligonier Games held on Saturday September 23, 2017 at Idlewild Park & Soak Zone in Ligonier, PA. Alan and Heidi Thompson hosted the tent and Dot and I were there to assist and provide moral support.

Dot, Alan and Heidi were ready to go!

The tent was a joint effort with me providing the tent, flags and poles along with some reference materials and Alan providing the bulk of the display items and the Reiver board which is always popular.

The tent looked great!

Alan signed up some new members for the Clan but unfortunately he has those pictures so I can't post them with this report.

It was a very warm day but there were lots of falling leaves from all the trees in the area of the Clan Village. The location of the Clan Village was a major concern because it is a bit out of the way from all the vendors and other activities there was a steady flow of people throughout the day but it was probably only about half the number of people in attendance.

You could tell it was fall!

Dot and I had a great time working the tent with Alan and Heidi and look forward to getting together with them somewhere again next year.

Until ten the rest of my pics are here:
Games & Festivals / Re: 42nd New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival
« Last post by Mary on September 21, 2017, 06:38:32 PM »
Lookin' good, you guys! 

Dot's reiver boards look great and I'll bet were a big hit with one and all. Wish we could have been there to help you guys....maybe another year. We're not giving up hope of getting to the far-flung games for at least a couple more years  ;)  We didn't get to see the Brigadoons or any other entertainment last trip, so maybe the next trip  :D

Thanks for posting all the photos - the tent and you two look very spiffy. I love your dress, if definitely a great color for you and Stu looks so 15th century!

Nice picture of you and Sherry Crane - I knew she was engaged but didn't know when the wedding was planned. 

Thanks for the information on The Wilderness Inn - I'll take a look when I get a chance. Nice heads-up for anyone planning on going to the games. You guys have done your usual outstanding work representing the clan.....are you going to come to Grandfather again in 2018? It was a good group.

Games & Festivals / 42nd New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on September 19, 2017, 08:49:28 AM »
I have to admit I was a little worried about doing New Hampshire this year. Last year we held our AGM here and had lots of folks to help out at the tent but this year it was only Dottie and I for the whole three days. But we survived, we were tired at the end of each day but we had a great time. The very first thing I want to do is give kudos to hosts Alan and Karen Trudell at the Wilderness Inn B & B in North Woodstock, NH, we had a wonderful stay and plan to re-book there for next year. If you plan to be in the area we highly recommend them and you can find them on the web here:

Our hosts at The Wilderness Inn, Alan and Karen Trudell

We arrived at games on Thursday and checked in, got our tent space assignment, unloaded all our gear and set up the tent and secured everything as best we could for the overnight figuring we could get in early enough to finish set-up before visitors started arriving. There was a very brief shower Friday morning before we got there but everything stayed dry despite the fact that the top blew off the tent.

We re-secured the top and got the tent display set-up in no time. We had some great neighbors with Clan Sutherland on our left and Clan Campbell on our right.

Good location with great neighbors

Dottie finished painting the new Reiver board, our nephew Ken King made for us, just a few days before the games and it was a big hit with young and old alike. Hard to believe how many bearded men wanted to be Reiver ladies.

Lots of little Reivers showed up

There had been some concern on the part of the games committee about interactions between us and Clan MacTavish. I had gotten a call a few days earlier requesting our best behavior. When I checked in I noticed that Sherry Thompson had checked in for Clan MacTavish. I met Sherry several years ago and have never had an issue with her so on Friday I stopped by their tent to say hello. We had a really good chat and we both took pictures that we posted to facebook to prove we can coexist while agreeing to disagree. She also told me she was a new bride of only four days. She is keeping Thompson as her middle name so now she is Sherry Thompson Crane.

Sherry Thompson Crane - Clan MacTavish Regional Representative

The weather was remarkable for mid-September in the mountains with the leaves barely beginning to turn. It was hot and humid all three days but it had little effect on the size of the crowds. Friday was busy with a surprisingly steady flow of visitors coming through the Clan Village. Saturday, of course, was the really busy day with thousands visitors coming to see all the athletes, pipe bands, dancers, fiddlers, celebrities and professional entertainers like Albanach, Prydein, The Brigadoons, Charlie Zahm and more.

Perennial games favorite Charlie Zahm and The Brigadoons

Dottie and I got to wear different outfits each day with Reiver garb on Friday, dress blue tartan on Saturday for the parade and casual on Sunday with the hunting tartan.

What a cute couple!

Any way, we had a great time and look forward to next year. The full album is available here:
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