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Re: Coat of Arms
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Do you just upload an image and they print shirts as needed?

Yep! You can make your own account and upload photos and add text......all kinds of neat things. Like I said, they are more expensive, but you can have exactly what you want and only have to buy ONE!!

The markup (10% on most things) is deposited directly to the clan PayPal account, so it makes us a bit of money.


Lin and Malia Thompson

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Re: Coat of Arms
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This year, we found a document in my father-in-laws research from the Montgomery Historical Society that describes an arm, crest, and motto, for the Thomson family who settled in Norriton, PA and Marksboro, NJ.  This coat of arms is very similar to the one chosen by Clan Thomson so we're very happy with the red stag.  Hope it will help other families with their research.

Here's the excerpt:  .   "Among the writings of one of the descendants is a description of the old ancestral home of Robert Curry Thomson at Changewater, N.J.  It says, "A stag's head, with the antlers always hung in the hall, and I have a faded remembrance of being told when a child that it represented a special connection with the Thomson name.  I have since learned that it must have represented a part of the Thomson Arms."  These writings also state that the following was taken from a genealogy of the family compiled by Edward Sharp Thomson of Port Colden, N.J.  This genealogy has not been found.
The Arms:  A stag's head, cabossed, affronted, gu.  Cross-crosslet, fitched, on a agure, engrailed chief, between two spur rowels.
The Crest:  A dexter, embowed arm in armor, the hand ppr. holding a cross-crosslet, fitched, -all gu.
The Motto:  Honestie is the best policie." 

Excerpt from document entitled "Thomson Genealogy and History.  Historical Society of Montgomery County, PA , stamped #8232.