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Thomas Thompson:
We have a listing of new members who have joined the forum but somehow overlooked those who have joined the supporting society.
These members have joined the Society so far in September; you may have seen some of their posts on the forum. I hope I spelled their names right.
AidenThompson - PA
Arthur & Ruth Heller - PA
Russell (Ted) Thompson - CO
Jonathan Heller - PA
Parker & Jeanette Thomson - CO
Margaret Spiry - IA
Michael & Lyndell Thompson - CO
John & Barbara Douglass - CO
Rick & Maggie Jones - CO
William Thompson III - CT
Donna Lingren - CA
Stirling Thompson - MA

Paula Cash Womack:
Slight correction to the above list...
Douglas and Barbara Dorsey instead of John & Barbara Douglass


I'm trying to fill in the membership form but I'm unable to key in the first or last name.  The first space that will allow an entry is birthdate.  Is anyone have a problem with this or is this just another "machine" trying to push me over the edge!


I just tried to re-new and had the same problem Donna.  So it's not Donna verses machines.  ;D  I know how you feel, at one point in my life it seemed me and machines just could not get along, but since I've shown them who's boss they now will cooperate.......sometimes.   ::) ;D


Hey Barbara,

I'm so glad it isn't just me having a problem.  And, yes, I was trying to enter the information for a NEW MEMBER!    My son, David, will be joining us.



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