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Yet another newbie, from WV

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William J. Thompson:
Hello all!  ;D Thrilled to have found this website and forum. I've always been interested in my family history, but have been frustrated by the sparse info our family has on the Thompson side of things. The typical Internet searches have been frustrating; all the sites parrot the same thing: "not a clan, Anglicanization of Mactavish, sept of Campbell," etc.

I've learned more reading this site in three days than I have in years of searching elsewhere! I have no clue as of yet whether I'm a Border, an Ulster, an Argyll, or just descended from some random dude whose dad's name was Tom.  ::) Whichever, I'm glad to meet some 'extended family,' even if it's just sharing a common name.

Hello William!   

Welcome latest Newbie!  We're so happy you have found us ....we've all gone through the same frustrations, misinformation, and self-serving lies about the "Thomsons never were a clan", etc., etc., etc!  While we are pushing forward to one day be recognized as the representative body for Thoms, we have had enormous good fortune just by meeting each other, finding out that a surprising number of the group are actually DNA related back to the border area of Scotland, and sharing our research, gathering at games, etc.

Where in WV?  I'm from WV (back in the dark ages)......Weirton. I went to college in West Liberty - my brother at Morgantown. I still have family in Weirton and surrounding area.  I have Thompsons and Edies (Clan Gordon) in my line and married a Thompson from IN. His family originally settled in PA.

--- Quote ---I have no clue as of yet whether I'm a Border, an Ulster, an Argyll, or just descended from some random dude whose dad's name was Tom. 
--- End quote ---
-----DOESN'T MATTER!  You're FAMILY by choice or DNA, it doesn't matter to us!  We have a LIFE member who isn't even Scottish.....but always wanted to. So, she's now a Thom(p)son and a "Scot" by choice!  ;D

Give us some info on your family line and see if anyone recognizes it  :D

Enjoy your visit.......and consider joining our society and help us with the work of restoring our clan!


Welcome William,

Searching for your ancestors is not an easy thing to do, but once you make a connection you can become hooked for life.. Best of luck to you in your search.

As Mary said, please post you family history on site,  you never know, maybe you have relations already in the "clan"

Again, welcome


William J. Thompson:
Hi Mary and Booner!

I was born in Charleston, and my parents were from Bluefield. Further back, it seems to be mostly in Tazewell Co., Va, and Mercer Co.

I'll post what I have in the genealogy thread, and hope some names come up familiar.

And you bet I'll be joining up, if it helps get Lord Lyon's attention.  :D


Hello Bill and welcome to our family.  Hope you make the connections you're searching for.



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