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Hello other children of Tom.

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I'm from Michigan. I always went to scotchtober fest for my wife who's a Sutherland. Attempted to figure out where my Thompsons are from (needle in a needle stack) and although I'm stuck in the 1830s, most of the other Thompsons living around them are Ulster Irish from Pennsylvania and North and South Carolina. The odds are in favor of being an Ulster Scot, so this year I went to our local Scottish Festival in Kalamazoo for myself.

I tried out DNA with to see if I could get through my genealogy roadblock and find some Thom(p)son who knows more than me. No Thom(p)sons on my list. Tried out ysearch, ybase, genetree, and genebase.  I don't match another Thom(p)son in about 1000 years.

In true Thompson fashion though, I've decided everyone is lost but me.

So i've got a blog where people can watch me flail around attempting to make sense out of anything and I've posted my family tree in one form or another anywhere I can think of.

Sis Thompson's oldest:
Welcome Mike,

I too am from Michigan by way of Indiana, North and South Carolina, and a bit of New Jersey (way back, gotta land somewhere right?) thrown in just for good measure. I've made it back to 1777 and my 4th Great Grandfather. I've wandered back to North Carolina (10 years here now) and there are Thoms everywhere down here!

Glad you joined us! We have a good time on the forum! Post away my man!


Hi Sherry, where at in Indiana? We're Alexandria Thompsons for quite a few generations.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Genetically, I have a lot of nearish matches from North and South Carolina, not Thompsons but lots of other good Scots Irish and borders names. I see that area as a prime suspect for my own family's infiltration of the colonies.

Hi Mike ---

Where is your blog??? 

I posted under your genealogy post....but I'll welcome you here, too!  :D

Hi Mary,

Thanks for welcoming me.

My blog is at It's basically me trying to collect my thoughts and leave a message in a bottle for other Thompsons that may be in my family. Mostly I'm trying to make sense of all the differing research, clues and leads I come across.

Most of the time I have more questions than answers.


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