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Try Gedmatch tools to get more out of your dna

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Here is the website for Gedmatch

It has several ways to connect to others who have had their dna tested with FamilyTreeDna and 23andMe. 

or for 23andme.............

Then go to check out your results

I've had a lot of fun with this.  Give it a try.

Okay. I loaded up my stuff. Both my GEDCOM and 23 and Me results are there, except that it says I have to wait 24 hours to do a public search. If I have a kit number though I can search against a specific kit.


What's your kit #?  Mine is F187449.  For triangulation it is 187449.

BAH! I did a print to pdf so I could keep that ID handy and when I looked at the PDF today it was a totally different web page! BOOOO.

So I'm uploading again. On the bright side, when I'm done I should have a pretty close match!

Okay. So you can't upload twice. Smart system. So I contacted the admin and he gave me my ID: M202443

Now if I could only find the ID of my GEDCOM upload...managed to lose that one too.


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