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This weekend I was able to confirm my very first DNA match!

Well, I should say, we were able to confirm a DNA match. I recently tested with 23 and Me and got my results back. I was able to find a spot on Chromosome 8 that matched up with someone I didn't know who contacted me on 23 and Me with someone I met here. It turns out that Dusevoir and I (along with being Thompsons) are also Hathaways.

The magic of having your entire Genome to work with is that you can triangulate matches. My 23 and Me contact shared one specific area of chromosome 8 with me. Dusevoir shares many small areas on multiple chromosomes but also the same area on chromosome 8. The 23 and me contact had several lines going back to my 7th great grandfather Simeon Hathaway. With that clue we looked through Dusevoir's tree and found that her 8th great grandmother is Abigail Hathaway, aunt of my 7th great grandfather.

Once we had that under our belts Dusevoir found several other matching relatives.

What's nice about this is that I can look at that position in my genome and assign it to the Hathaways and their family. Those people are still stuck in here, all I have to do is find them.

Wonderful !!!
This old world keeps getting smaller and smaller.


It's been a lot of fun and energizing.  Thanks to Mike and Gedmatch, we found that we connect to three different lines......Hathaway, Paull (Paul) and Dyer.  We are still working on our Thompson families.   

Thanks Mike!

Thank you too for doing the leg work and sharing out your tree. I think it was much easier because we were both willing to explore all the options. Hey along those lines. How many Smiths do you have in your tree?

Good deal, you two!

OK - question. Tom has done the 67 marker with Family Tree Maker. Would there be any point for him to do a kit of 23andme? Is he going to find anything that he didn't find on FTM? I've never seen a report from 23andme, so I really don't know what you see/get.........



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