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Letters of Patent update
« on: July 22, 2012, 01:36:39 PM »
Parker posted an inquiry on when we might receive the "Letters of Patent" on the Games Topic.

  Mrs. Roads wrote on 2nd April: ..."it is likely to be some three months or thereby before it is ready to be dispatched."
My best guess is that we should get it between 15 July and 15 August. Every day I get up and hope this might be the day!  I plan to have copies made (suitable for framing) of the Arms and Letters Patent when we get them. Every member whose dues are up to date will get one.

   Other news. After overcoming quite a few problems the 'clansmen badges' are in production. I look forward to getting the first 20 in the mail soon!! After we verify the quality; we will notify those who have indicated they are interested in buying one. As soon as we receive the payment they will be mailed.

   Mary has enlarged the badge and we sent the image to a banner company for a sample banner. It looks great. We will buy one for each of our commissioners. Additionally, Mary has created a 'Border Reiver' banner for each of the tents and as soon as we get a useable one (first one was not acceptable) that too will be sent to the commissioners. She is working on a method of preserving the 'Border Reiver' maps of early Scotland and we will be sending these along also.