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Games & Festivals / 42nd New Hampshire Highland Games & Festival
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on September 19, 2017, 08:49:28 AM »
I have to admit I was a little worried about doing New Hampshire this year. Last year we held our AGM here and had lots of folks to help out at the tent but this year it was only Dottie and I for the whole three days. But we survived, we were tired at the end of each day but we had a great time. The very first thing I want to do is give kudos to hosts Alan and Karen Trudell at the Wilderness Inn B & B in North Woodstock, NH, we had a wonderful stay and plan to re-book there for next year. If you plan to be in the area we highly recommend them and you can find them on the web here:

Our hosts at The Wilderness Inn, Alan and Karen Trudell

We arrived at games on Thursday and checked in, got our tent space assignment, unloaded all our gear and set up the tent and secured everything as best we could for the overnight figuring we could get in early enough to finish set-up before visitors started arriving. There was a very brief shower Friday morning before we got there but everything stayed dry despite the fact that the top blew off the tent.

We re-secured the top and got the tent display set-up in no time. We had some great neighbors with Clan Sutherland on our left and Clan Campbell on our right.

Good location with great neighbors

Dottie finished painting the new Reiver board, our nephew Ken King made for us, just a few days before the games and it was a big hit with young and old alike. Hard to believe how many bearded men wanted to be Reiver ladies.

Lots of little Reivers showed up

There had been some concern on the part of the games committee about interactions between us and Clan MacTavish. I had gotten a call a few days earlier requesting our best behavior. When I checked in I noticed that Sherry Thompson had checked in for Clan MacTavish. I met Sherry several years ago and have never had an issue with her so on Friday I stopped by their tent to say hello. We had a really good chat and we both took pictures that we posted to facebook to prove we can coexist while agreeing to disagree. She also told me she was a new bride of only four days. She is keeping Thompson as her middle name so now she is Sherry Thompson Crane.

Sherry Thompson Crane - Clan MacTavish Regional Representative

The weather was remarkable for mid-September in the mountains with the leaves barely beginning to turn. It was hot and humid all three days but it had little effect on the size of the crowds. Friday was busy with a surprisingly steady flow of visitors coming through the Clan Village. Saturday, of course, was the really busy day with thousands visitors coming to see all the athletes, pipe bands, dancers, fiddlers, celebrities and professional entertainers like Albanach, Prydein, The Brigadoons, Charlie Zahm and more.

Perennial games favorite Charlie Zahm and The Brigadoons

Dottie and I got to wear different outfits each day with Reiver garb on Friday, dress blue tartan on Saturday for the parade and casual on Sunday with the hunting tartan.

What a cute couple!

Any way, we had a great time and look forward to next year. The full album is available here:
Games & Festivals / Remaining Games for 2017
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on August 29, 2017, 08:41:29 AM »
Where does the time go? It's been a strange year so far, missed the Rhode Island Games due to a graduation, traveled all the way to North Carolina for the Grandfather Mountain Games, missed the Glasgow Lands Games mostly due to exhaustion, attended the Maine Games then missed Quechee, VT last week due to a death in the family and that brings us into the fall season and three remaining games.

First up is the New Hampshire Games, September 15 - 17 at Loon Mountain. Last year was our first year there and we had lots of clan members come for the AGM and to help out. This year it will just be Dottie and I, and possibly our grandson Jacob if he can get away. I know we signed up a number of new members there and it would be great if some of them showed up to give us a hand. I must admit I'm a little apprehensive about doing a three day festival with just two people it will be a very long weekend.

The Saturday after the New Hampshire Games Dottie and I will travel to Pennsylvania for the Ligonier Games. This will be the first year for Clan Thompson at these games after some issues last year. Alan and Heidi will be hosting the tent as they did at Grandfather Mountain and Dottie and I will help out as best we can and hopefully a few more clan members will be able to make the trip.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the AGM at Stone Mountain, GA but I'm sure it will be a great event.

And finally, my season will finish up as always at Scotland, CT on October 8, 2017. While these are a small games they are still my favorite and the first games I ever attended as a Clan Thompson representative.

So, if you're in the area for any of these games stop by and say hello I would love to chat with you. And of course I will take pictures and post reports on all the games.

Games & Festivals / Re: Grandfather Mountain 2017
« Last post by Thomas B. Thompson on August 28, 2017, 07:57:52 AM »
Thanks for the report and pictures.
Glad everyone had a good time.

Bets wishes,
Tom & Barbara
Games & Festivals / Re: 2017 Maine Highland Games
« Last post by Thomas B. Thompson on August 28, 2017, 07:51:42 AM »
Hi Stu,
Sounds as if the weather put a little damper on things.
Thanks for the pictures, they loo great.
I guess fall will be moving in shortly and then old man winter.
It will be interesting to see how that all goes with the crazy weather we have been
Take care,

Tom & Barbara
Games & Festivals / 2017 Maine Highland Games
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on August 25, 2017, 05:00:37 PM »
The Maine Highland Games were held on Saturday August 20, 2017 at the Topsham Fairgrounds in Topsham, ME.

My grandson, Ben Rowe, and I went to the fairgrounds in pouring rain on Friday afternoon to get our Clan package, locate where we were supposed to be and set up the tent. We met up with George Newell, the Clan Coordinator, got our assignment and set up the tent and unloaded most of the gear and put it under cover hoping this would save us some time on Saturday morning when the weather promised to be more cooperative.

The rain stopped during the overnight and Ben and I returned to the fairgrounds about 7:45 am and popped up the tent and completed the set-up well before the visitors began to arrive. Another of my grandsons arrived a bit later to help out and join in the Clan Parade for the opening ceremonies.

We had a steady flow of visitors throughout the day but it seemed to me the numbers were down and I know there were a number of clans that failed to answer at the Calling of the Clans. The weather continued to improve as the day progressed and by 3 pm it had become quite hot and humid. The boys had lots of fun and got see all they wanted to see while I was mostly stuck at the tent alone but it was still an enjoyable day.

Closing ceremonies were held at 4 pm and we got everything broke down and packed up and headed back to my daughter's home in Waldoboro by 5:30 pm. Ben and I stopped and had a wonderful supper at the Reunion Station Restaurant before finishing the trip home and calling it a day.

We had the Clan Campbell for neighbors.

I thought the display looked great but we didn't win Best Tent.

Jacob said he had to have his annual helmet photo, with Ben assisting.

Full gallery is here but only 10 pictures total.

GENERAL Topics - Scottish or not / Re: I miss the Forum!
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on August 14, 2017, 01:52:15 PM »
Tom, Its good to hear from someone that feels the same as I do. Hope the job interview goes well sorry to hear you'll have to miss Stone Mountain but I think having gainful employment probably takes precedents over other things. I have the Maine games this coming weekend and Vermont the weekend after. September will be equally busy with New Hampshire and Ligonier games again on back to back weekends. Alan and Heidi will run the Ligonier games and Dottie and I will assist however we can. Its in Pennsylvania so maybe you can sneak over and say hi. My season will finish up in October in Scotland CT at my favorite games, small but cozy and the first games I ever did so I might be a little prejudiced.

Have you checked out Tartan Footprint? There is some good stuff on there too but lately its been as dormant as our forum. Catch you later!
GENERAL Topics - Scottish or not / Re: I miss the Forum!
« Last post by Thomas B. Thompson on August 13, 2017, 06:48:17 PM »
I agree 100% ! So I'm gonna start talking. First, Barbara and I planning on being at the Stone
Mtns games.
However, I have an unexpected job interview next week and if by some chance I get hired we won't be able to make it. Darn, what a toss-up. Barbara will be gone the week of the Columbus games but I will make that one. I've been getting papers together ( birth certificates, marriage certificates, censes reports, etc, ) in order to connect my family lin together. Only have a few so far, but it's a start. I'll have to do some traveling for a lot of the information. If I get this job I'll be able afford a kilt real soon                                                   Best wishes everyone!

Tom & Barbara
GENERAL Topics - Scottish or not / I miss the Forum!
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on August 05, 2017, 08:22:07 AM »
I really do miss the old Forum. People used to talk to each other here, share their research, activities, thoughts and ideas and whatever else... then facebook came along and we got a page there but unless you're an admin your posts get filtered or ignored and the rest of the clan never sees what you posted. I started several pages on Tartan Footprint which is more open but no one goes there either. How are we supposed to grow as a clan if we don't communicate with each other about the things we have done, are doing or would like to do. The sort of personal interaction among a select few that seems to be becoming the norm is not healthy for the growth of our clan family. If we stop talking to each other, and I mean the membership at large not just directors and conveners, we will not survive beyond our current generation and none of us are getting any younger.
Games & Festivals / Re: Testing a new photo hosting site
« Last post by Stirling Thompson on August 05, 2017, 08:02:15 AM »
The cairn is at MacRae Meadows, site of the Grandfather Mountain games, and was erected back in the 60's to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the games.
Games & Festivals / Re: Testing a new photo hosting site
« Last post by Thomas B. Thompson on August 04, 2017, 07:48:49 AM »
That's a cool looking monument. Where is it located ?
Hope you and yours are doing well.
Best wishes,

Tom & Barbara
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