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Thomas Thompson:
 ;D  Please join me in welcoming two new supporting members to to the society:

  Carolyn Guest of NC.  David Thompson was her great grandfather.

  Ann Lambert-Anzo of CA. She has a lengthy ancestor trail back to George Thomson of Scotland. (also has a small picture of family arms - 1760) We have found some references for her, and are in the process of trying to fill in the gaps.

  I am looking forward to seeing both of these ladies posting their genealogy on the forum.

Hey Carolyn and Ann,

Welcome to you both and I hope y'all aren't shy!    ;D
We want to hear all about your Thom(p)son connection and don't
be surprised if you run into a new cousin or two.   

And, a big THANK YOU for becoming supporting members  :-*

Well seems that I forgot to tell Ann & Carolyn who it was that was
welcoming them (oops).   
That would be (Daffy) Donna, out here in California

Sis Thompson's oldest:
Ann & Carolyn,

Welcome to the party!

Post your trees and then take a look around at others. You never know who you're going to find!


Parker Thomson:
Welcome!  Are you from the part of NC where they say, "y'all" or "you'ins"?


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