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The Switch to FTDNA


I've spent a lot of time with my 23 and me results and not so much with my Y results. Finally, though I did purchase a switcheroo package from FTDNA to transfer my SMGF/ results over there. Along with the general switch, I ordered a bit of an extension to turn my 46 marker test into a full 37 marker test at FTDNA. So I'll really have something like 48 markers tested between the two companies. My results should be available in July (the waiting is the hardest part).

Hopefully I'll have better access to other Thompsons and more leads I can use in concert with my 23 and me results to try and nail my direct paternal Thompsons down.

The thing that nudged me into moving my results is that someone identified a group of men who look like my results in R1b-U106. So I'll be testing down that line to see where it leads.


Wow ---- got a bit of whiplash there!  I do so hope it helps you find some new information.......several of our members have close matches but they don't match your Rxxxxxxx . Darn!

Keep us posted!

I had pretty much given up on the Y but then (some time last year) I found some people talking about a pattern that contained many of the "odd" markers I look for in my matches. They encouraged me to test but the cost was prohibitive. What I'll be testing for is an SNP further down the R1b-U106 tree called Z18.

Finding a SNP closer in time than 5000 years ago will help me narrow searches. Here is the page with the group of people who look most like me: It's called the Cumberand group because initial testers traced back to Cumberland in NW England although I believe now there are members from the Netherlands and even Poland.

What caught my eye about them is that on their FTDNA page they have a list of people they think might be Z18 cumberland cluster candidates and there is a Thompson. I expected it to be me, but it's not.

It's Ysearch 8ATDZ my "closest" Thompson match...really my only Thompson match at the unheard of level of a GD of 5 or 6 at Ysearch. So long story short, I've disregarded these Thompsons so many times I can't count them all, but I may end up in a position to legitimately consider them yet again.


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