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Ligonier Scottish Festival 2017


Stirling Thompson:
For the very first time Clan Thom(p)son was represented at the Ligonier Games held on Saturday September 23, 2017 at Idlewild Park & Soak Zone in Ligonier, PA. Alan and Heidi Thompson hosted the tent and Dot and I were there to assist and provide moral support.

Dot, Alan and Heidi were ready to go!

The tent was a joint effort with me providing the tent, flags and poles along with some reference materials and Alan providing the bulk of the display items and the Reiver board which is always popular.

The tent looked great!

Alan signed up some new members for the Clan but unfortunately he has those pictures so I can't post them with this report.

It was a very warm day but there were lots of falling leaves from all the trees in the area of the Clan Village. The location of the Clan Village was a major concern because it is a bit out of the way from all the vendors and other activities there was a steady flow of people throughout the day but it was probably only about half the number of people in attendance.

You could tell it was fall!

Dot and I had a great time working the tent with Alan and Heidi and look forward to getting together with them somewhere again next year.

Until ten the rest of my pics are here:

Thomas B. Thompson:
Thanks for the update and pictures. So glad fall is finally arriving.
To anyone that reads this, I hope everyone is doing well.
Tom & Barbara


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