Author Topic: Other articles on MacTavish arms and claims - Time to end the lies  (Read 19907 times)


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Here are a couple more you might find interesting - They are older articles about the MacTavish arms design (it's awful heraldically) and addresses whether their arms gives or even indicates that they have any relationship to Thom(p)sons.  THEY DON'T.   NEITHER supports any of the fake claims by MacTavish to Thom(p)sons. One error in the Baronage Press is "MacTavish is anglicized to Thomson" - MacTavish is ALREADY ANGLICIZED and cannot be further Anglicized to another English name! This impossibility has been claimed over and over by MacTavish and used by authors who should have known better and not just printed verbatim what the MacTavish chief sent them.   Discussion of Thomson cadet arms     In depth discussion of MacTavish arms on Baronage Press
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