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Latin Translations
« on: January 27, 2015, 12:18:31 PM »
Jason Thompson posted the following on Clan Thompson's Facebook:
  "What are your thoughts on the translation of the motto 'non oblitus' . People say there is a few meanings.
   'Not to be forgotten'
   'not forgotten'
   'do not forget me after death'
   Which do you think it is?
   Saor alba

   Latin is a dead language in that it is not undergoing changes due to the desires of a few individuals..
   The simple meaning is:   'not forgotten'
The MacTavish motto is a direct reply to that of their (once) "parent" clan. For hundreds of years, MacTavish was a sept of Clan Campbell whose motto is "ne obliviscaris" or "Do not forget."  You will notice that the MacTavish crest also duplicates the Campbell boar's head, due to the fact that they were acknowledging their historic and genealogic links to the Campbells. When Dugald MacTavish was granted chiefship of 'the now Clan MacTavish" in 1997 he wished desperately to distance himself from the Campbell clan but, having chosen to model everything about his new clan ON the Campbell clan when he submitted his application to Lyon Court in 1992 --- it didn't succeed very well.