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More on my Thomson family
« on: April 22, 2008, 10:41:18 PM »
The farthest I can trace my Thomson family is to Edward Franklin Thomson b.18 mar, 1794 either in Ireland or on board ship while emmigrating to the U.S.  His family died shortly after the emmigrated and he was raised by a Quaker family by the name of Patterson.  Until last month I only knew the first name of his wife; Deborah, and the names of my gg Grandfather, ( Beniah), his brothers' name, (Edward, Jr.) and that he had a sister, (name unknown).

I beleive I have found Edwards' wife and family.  Her Name is Deborah Bradford (b 12 Mar.1796 in Upper Providence township, Mongomery County, PN.- died 14 May 1832 and buried in the Augustus Luthern Cemetery, Trappe, Upper Providence Twnshp, Mongomery CO. PN)  Married to Edward in 1817.  Trappe PN is just a few miles north of Valley Forge Pn, & just south of Limerick PN.  The childeren of this marrage are:

Beniah b. 1818 ( my gg grandfather)
Joseph b 8 aug 1820- Trappe PN
Jesuias b 18 Aug 1822 - Trappe PN
Edward b 14 Oct 1824 - Trappe PN
Enos b 15 Mar 1827
Mary b 28 Feb 1829

My problem is that, from the family info I've found, theres no mention of my gg grandfather (Beniah).  However theres a lot of circumstantial evidence that Beniah was a member of this family.    Deborah Bradfords family were members of the Augustus Luthern Church in Trappe, PN and the records for the childeren of Deborah are from this church.  Beniah was the first born and perhaps was not born in TRappe.  Deborah had a brother also named Beniah and was just 8 days younger than my ggg grandfather, Edward.  Perhaps Beniah was named after Deborahs' Brother? In my family records, I have Edward (Beniah's brother) born on the same date.  In the 1830 census, the Thomson-Bradford family lists 5 sons & 1 daughter. And my gg granfather Beniah had a son named Enos.  The names Beniah & Enos are not very common.  There is more circumstantial evidence that I won't go into now, but I'm working on proving this relationship before I can definatly claim a Bradford connection. I'm working on the records of the Augustus Luthern Church, and Quaker church in this area as both have very good records.

I'm posting all of this in the hopes that someone else will recognize a name of one of the other childeren of this marriage.

And as an aside, both the Boone and Lincoln families lived in this area of PN when the first Emmigrated to the U.S. (as in Daniel Boone & Abe. Lincoln)