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This Week In Scottish History


Thought I would post this here too.

This Week in Scottish History

February 25 1412 - Bishop Henry Wardlaw established St Andrews as a
"university" although it was not officially inaugurated until 4 February
1414 when a Bull of Foundation was promulgated by Pope Benedict XIII.
February 26 1935 - Robert Watson Watt demonstrated radar for the first
February 27 1560 - Second Treaty of Berwick between England and Scotland,
providing English assistance to remove French forces of Mary of Guise from
February 28 1638 - Second National Covenant signed in Greyfriars
February 29 1528 - Patrick Hamilton, a Protestant martyr, was burned at the
stake in St Andrews.
March 1 1682 - The Advocate's Library (known as the National Library of
Scotland since 1925) opened by its founder, Sir George Mackenzie, the Lord
March 1 1979 - Scots voted in favour of Devolution, but failed to reach the
required 40% of the population in favour of implementing it - due to 36% of
the electorate not voting.
March 2 1316 - King Robert II born in Paisley.
March 3 1792 - Robert Adam, architect, died.
March 3 1847 - Alexander Graham Bell born Edinburgh.
March 4 1756 - Sir Henry Raeburn, renowned for painting the portraits of
many of the citizens of Edinburgh, born.
March 4 1890 - Forth Rail Bridge opened by Prince of Wales.
March 5 1323 - King David II born.
March 5 1790 - Flora Macdonald, who helped to save Prince Charles Edward
Stewart during his flight after the defeat at the Battle of Culloden, died
in Kingsburgh, Skye (in the same bed in which Bonnie Prince Charlie had
slept during his escape).
March 6 1457 - King James II decreed in an Act of Parliament that there
should be regular target practice and military parades and that "football
and golf be utterly cried down and not used". This was the first time that
the games had been mentioned in Scottish documents.
March 7 1924 - Sculptor and artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi born in Leith, the
eldest son of Italian immigrants.
March 8 1859 - Kenneth Grahame, author of "The Wind in the Willows" born in


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I haven't had a chance to read them yet, but I will  :)  Just been tied up and haven't had a chance to get to the forums lately.

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