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Indianapolis, IN Highland Games October 12, 2013
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Come and meet King James V... Queen Marie de Guise of Scotland...Lord Gordon, Earl of Huntley...Sir James Hamilton of Finnart... Jeanne de la Reinville, Lady Beaton of Creigh... Margaret Erskine, Lady Douglas... Sir David Lindsay of the Mount... Laird of Glorat, Sir William Sterling... Royal Secretary, Thomas Erskine of Haltoun... The Royal Goldsmith, John Mossman...Town Crier...Court Governess, Mistress Sarah Ferguson...and the Scottish Lass Storyteller.........................all participating in the turmoil of Dunbarton and Stirling.

Welcome to 1540 Dumbarton! In this year, the Scottish Highlands are difficult for King James V to govern from his palaces in and around Edinburgh. Even his plan of utilizing the two primary Highland earls, Argyll and Huntley, as his lieutenants has yielded poor results, as they have misused their authority to gain more lands for themselves, at the cost of executing even-handed justice in the name of the King. The Highland chieftains give little heed to Royal decrees passed down to them by the lieutenant earls, and make their own justice by force of arms and clan feuds. To bring the Highlands to heel, James assembled a fleet of sixteen ships, and circumnavigated the entire coast of Scotland, east to west, forcibly extracting the various chieftains along his route to share the remainder of his voyage. James’ fleet has pulled into Dumbarton harbor, and he and all of his ‘guests’ are given lodging at the Castle by the sheriff and governor, William Stirling of Glorat. The King has a simple request of his new Highland retinue: provide him with tangible evidence of their loyalty, or they won’t be returning to their own lands!

Join Clan Thom(p)son for a fun weekend of clans, songs, dance and characters.......October 12, 2013......German Park, Indianapolis, IN......        SEE YOU AT THE TENT!

Thomas B. Thompson

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Re: Indianapolis, IN Highland Games October 12, 2013
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See ya there :)

Tom & Barbara