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Scottish Independence Documentary - interesting!

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Here is part 1. You can find part 2 & 3 on youtube also. This is to get you started. They are about an hour long each.

Stirling Thompson:
Interesting documentary... seems a bit biased toward the SNP. Have to wait and see how the referendum vote goes. My gut feeling I guess is in favor of an independent Scotland, home rule and all that, but then again I don't live there.

MICHAEL the Canadian:
Great Cheryll I was looking at this, then switched to the great battles of Scotland, Alexander II, William Wallace,etc. thank you i will return to this site for more history lessons on Scotland. Also learn more about the beginning of Scotland Pict s, Britons. From what I learned it seemed as the group from the east and possible near where the border eventually was created it seems as if the PICTS
could of been the Thompson's actual creation or beginning. but when you listen to the story i was listening to, you quickly realize that to actual know where you actual came from could be absolutely impossible because of the different groups of people in the beginning fighting, mating with Norseman, Ireland, English and even french oh Ya and those SCOTS. Plus the ifferent methods used to create family names etc. Still great to here of History of a nation.

Here is a map I love. It shows the Thomson's near Edinburgh. I'm not sure if you can enlarge it enough to see it. We have this map in our clan tent at the Games we do. The Thomson's are shown in this location because of the changing border boundaries over & over as the years went by. I saw another map in Carlisle England that shows the Thompson's near there. That was the years of the early 1500's.

Enjoy :)

MICHAEL the Canadian:
Cheryll 2 LL'S What i find funy is I checked the may site, of course it is not large enough to actually see very much, but on the same site if you check out clan crests they have Mactavish but do not have Thom(P)son. So then I wonder how reliable is the site for actual information.  Thinking about purchasing the map of Scotland and maybe Ireland my other side of family which I have alot more info on the research side. take care of yourself. Mike


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