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History of Scottish People

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Thank you, Tom, this is very interesting and I can't wait for the next
history lesson!

MICHAEL the Canadian:
Super reading wow alot to let soak into the head, great reading, thank you

Thomas Thompson:
A bit of trivia from the Scotland Magazine;because not all of our members subscribe.

                                                            BURNING OF THE CLAVIE

    "The significance of the 11January dates back to the 1750s when the Julian calendar was reformed in Britain and the replacement Gregorian calendar was introduced. People rioted, demanding back their 11 days - but not in Burghead in Morayshire. Brochers decided to have the best of both worlds, by celebrating New Year twice - on 1 January and the 11January. And therefore, every 11 January, the flaming Clavie (a barrel full of staves) is carried around the town followed by a large crowd. The final destination is the Doorie Hill on the ramparts of the ancient fort, where the Clavie is firmly wedged and, after refueling, allowed to burn out and fall down the hill where the still smouldering embers are eagerly gathered. Possession of a piece of the Clavie is said to bring good luck for the coming year and pieces are sent around the world to exiled 'Brochers'."


Thomas B. Thompson:
Fantastic history lesson. Thank you. :)

How interesting! Thank you!


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