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October 3rd in Scottish History -----

On this day in 1357, the Treaty of Berwick was signed, freeing David II from imprisonment by the English.

The son and heir of Robert the Bruce, David's reign was plagued by misfortune. He took the throne at a very young age and a series of regents were appointed, each of whom ended up dead. By the time he was old enough to reign, Scotland's nobles had become unruly, accustomed to having no king. He was then taken prisoner after losing the battle of Neville's Cross to the English, and was only released 11 years later with the agreement of a huge ransom. Despite this burden, and the troublesome nobles, the last years of his reign were peaceful - it seems David was a wise, if unlucky, king.

MICHAEL the Canadian:
Just a word saying thanks for the history tidbits.

Stirling Thompson:
20 October

On this day in 1792 the famous general, Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, was born in Glasgow.

Campbell was born Colin MacIver, and it is likely he assumed his mother's maiden name of Campbell when accepting his commission to help his army career. Campbell fought in every major campaign the British army was involved in, from the Napoleonic War to the Crimea, and rose quickly through the ranks. His crowning moment was as Commander-in-Chief of the British forces during the Indian Mutiny, 1857. He was a shrewd and careful General, with a deep regard for the welfare of his men, and was particularly well regarded by the Highlanders under his command - it was these soldiers who held the famous 'Thin Red Line' during the Battle of Balaclava.

I posted some 'this day in history' on Facebook but forgot to post it here! Sorry. Kinda late for Oct. 18th & 19th now. Thanks Stu :)

Stirling Thompson:
March 12 in Scottish History

On the 12th of March 1852, the last salmon was caught in the River Kelvin. The salmon population in the river had been in decline due to the rise of industrial pollution in the area. However, in February 1999, after 43.95 million of investment, salmon again spawned in the river and anglers were allowed back.

1881 - Andrew Watson makes his Scotland debut as the world's first black international football player and captain.

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