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Thompson Genealogy Book
« on: March 10, 2009, 05:43:45 AM »
Our Thompson family in Maine, New Hampshire and the West (1907)
by Charles Nelson Sinnett

Again it doesn't seem to deal with my line but some of you may find a connection in there somewhere. Available on-line in various formats at the Internet Archive.
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Re: Thompson Genealogy Book
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More from the Internet Archive site... these should keep you busy for little while!

Sketch of the history of the Thompson family; and, Memorial to John Leland Thompson (1880)
author unknown

A genealogy of the descendants of John Thomson of Plymouth, Mass. Also sketches of families of Allen, Cooke and Hutchinson (1890)
by Charles Hutchinson ("The basis of this work is a 'Genealogy of John Thomson' by Ignatius Thomson, published in 1841")

Genealogy of the Wilson-Thompson families : being an account of the descendants of John Wilson, of County Antrim, Ireland, whose two sons, John and William, founded homes in Bucks County, and of Elizabeth McGraudy Thompson, who with her four sons came from Ireland and settled in Bucks County about 1740 (1916)
EDITED BY WARREN S. ELY, Doylestown, Pa.

Thompson genealogy; the descendants of William and Margaret Thomson, first settled in that part of Windsor, Connecticut, now East Windsor and Ellington, 1720-1915, including many of the names of Chandler, Trumbull, Marsh, Pelton, Allen, Harper, Osborn, Hooker, Ellsworth, Stiles, Phelps, Bartlett, etc

A memoir of Judge Ebenezer Thompson of Durham, New Hampshire, with some account of his parentage and offspring (1886)
by Mary Pickering Thompson

Memorial of James Thompson, of Charlestown, Mass., 1630-1642, and Woburn, Mass., 1642-1682; and of eight generations of his descendants (1887)

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Re: Thompson Genealogy Book
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Great Scott but you're good,.Mate
   I managed to go browse through them. One of your references had several from Thomsontown and my home counties in PA.
I like to think my gggg whatever came over in early 1800's because he had kin there - but no real nab it.

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Re: Thompson Genealogy Book
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   I just thought that I should share this new Website that gives a free searchable CD-ROM with any family genealogy book purchase, I bought some books from them and each of my books comes with a free searchable cd-rom. I remember buying those CDs from other website separate even thought I had bought the book from them. I just thought that you guys should know that this new website does not make you pay for the CD if you buy the book from them.
Their address is

Below is a few books that I bought from them that really helped in my research and by the way they have over 20,000 out-of-print genealogy books:

Alexander Thompson of Fairfield District, South Carolina: the Genealogical Record of his Descendants - by Beckman, Ludwig A.
Ellisville, MS , 1950

Andrew Thompson. The Emigrant of Elsinborough, Salem County, New Jersey, and one Line of his Descendants - by Thompson, D. A.
Albany, NY , 1910

Autobiography of Deacon John Thompson, of Mercer, Maine: With Genealogical Notes of his Descendants - by Thompson, John & Josiah
Farmington, ME , 1962

Descendants of William and Sarah Thompson of Leicester, MA, Six Generations of Thompsons whose Scotch-Irish Ancestors Probably Came to New England - by Amy, Henry Joseph
East Chester, NY , 1966

Edward Ridgely Thompson and Eliza Enlow, his Wife - by Thompson, Florence W
Portland, ME , 1913

Family of David Thompson, a Revolutionary War Soldier - by Thompson, Joseph W.
Washington, D.C. , 1938

Life Histories of George Thompson and Eliza Jane (Jennie) Sells and Their Descendants - by Goodson, Nona M.
Provo, UT , 1920

Memorial of James Thompson of Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1630-1682 - by Thompson, Rev. Leander
Boston, MA , 1887

Our Thompson Family in Maine, New Hampshire, and The West - by Sinnett, Rev Charles N.
Concord, NH , 1907

Our William Thompson of Ireland and Pennsylvania and Some Descendants - by Williamson, Mary Cornelius Thompson
Youngstown, OH , 1941

The Descendants of Joseph Thompson and Jennet McClellan of Colraine, MA : four generations of Thompsons - by Amy, Henry Joseph.
Eastchester, NY , 1958

The Thompson Family - by Scott, Adrian & Henry A. Whitney
Uxbridge, MA , 1913

The Thompson Family: Scotch Covenanters Who Came From Scotland to Ireland, and Thence, in 1735, to America, Settling First in Cumberland Valley and - by Thompson, Heber Samuel & Theodore Samuel Thompso
Pottsville, PA , 1887

Thompson Family Record - by Burrell, A.H.
n/a , 1917

Thompson Genealogy: The Descendants of William and Margaret Thomson First Settled in Windsor, CT, Now East Windsor and Elligton 1720-1915 - by Elliot, Mary Anderson Thompson
New Haven, CT , 1915

Thompson Lineage, 1400-1940 - by Spangler, Electra B.
Wichita, KS , 1948

Genealogy, Thompson-Spafford 1630-1930, Chase-Gordon, 1738-1930: Osborn-Gadsby, Gadsby-Woodcock - by Thompson, John H
Thorold, ON, Canada , 1930


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Re: Thompson Genealogy Book
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This is great! There are 2 books on there that interest me. I will definitely be checking them out! Karma

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Re: Thompson Genealogy Book
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Thanks for the book lists.  Always helpful.  I ordered a copy of the Electra Spangler book and was really disappointed.  It's the pedigree portion of someone's Daughters of the American Revolution application and has absolutely no resources cited.  You can find the same information for free online.  One example is  Happy Hunting Everyone!