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DNA Testing
« on: May 24, 2009, 07:31:25 AM »
Since I know the MacTavish watch our site, I will post this here and hope for the best:

ALL of the Thom(p)son males should look at getting their DNA done!  Think of it this way - if you read the history of the evolution of patronymic surnaming, you might think there wouldn't be any traceable relationships in the Thom(p)son surname 'way back'. BUT, as Tom and Booner's DNA proves, there ARE family relationships back as far as 15-1600s and possibly before.......IN Scotland.  The more of these ancient connections (particularly in the Borders region) we can prove, the stronger our claim to Lyon Court that we WERE a CLAN/FAMILY of RELATED families in Dumfriesshire/Ayrshire (incl. North Ayrshire). This is great stuff and could tip the Lyon court scale in our favor.