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Thomas Thompson

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« on: March 18, 2014, 04:34:02 PM »
 :DNEWS[/b] :o

   I am proud to announce that your Board of Directors have voted to buy an ANCESTRY. COM:
     Membership for ALL of our Clan Thompson Society supporting members. The world Explorer PLUS membership includes:

                Irish and other special groups are also listed.

   Our Clan Genealogist is overloaded; so after a brainstorming telecon we came up with this to help ease the work load.

   Here is how it will work. The member seeking assistance will send the road block question to
   We will enter their known family tree information into the Ancestry data base with the intent of finding a fast link on the road block.
   If we are unable to find the required data we will then send the information on to Maggie for her professional attention.

   Example: John Thompson wants to find his Great Grandfather's name & birth place. He will send us his Grandfather's birth/Death/wife/marriage location and any other relevant data (children, cemeteries,etc.)
   I hope this makes thumbnail sketch will work. .

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WOO HOO!!!!  :D  Great idea!

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MICHAEL the Canadian

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« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2014, 09:40:35 AM »
My sister died last year, she was a member of She had done some research on our family line, but since she died so did the search for the family line. My sister had reached back to Charles C. Thompson 1874-1946 married to Mary Ellis 1885-1962 mar,s parent James Ellis born 1845 - ? Mother Mary Ellis 1856- ?    Mary had 4 brothers and 2 sisters Helen 1880- ? , Alexander 1882- ?, James 1884 - ?, Joseph 1888 - ?, William 1890- ? Agnes 1892 - ?

My line of ancestry has stopped at Charles C. Thompson he was born 1874-1946 in London and I believe Mary 1885-1962 lived in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Charles c. Thompson and Mary had 3 sons John,   James 1909 - died ?, Alexander  E. Thompson 19011-1987 (MY FATHER)
Alexander had 3 daughters and a son, Sandra, Heather, Patricia and Michael (THIS IS ME)

I do not know if someone can help but here is some of the info I have.


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Hi Michael!

Send all of this info, add your full name and birthdate info to it and send it to

:) hope this helps

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I'm working on it with Michael now..........I THINK I found his dead end's birth date - now, to find the parents!